The Economist Intelligence Unit

What is the Economist Intelligence Unit?

How can I contact the Economist Intelligence Unit?

What is the Economist Intelligence Unit?

The Economist Intelligence Unit is a specialist publisher serving companies establishing and managing operations across national borders. For over 50 years is has been a source of information on business developments, economic and political trends, government regulations and corporate practice worldwide.

Its reports are read and used widely by senior executives working in every sector of business and commerce, from primary industries to manufacturing, retailing and service sector organisations including investment banks and management consultancies. They are also consulted regularly by policymakers, academics and the media.

The Economist Intelligence Unit's reputation derives from its commitment to integrity of analysis, authority of judgement and clarity of expression. It maintains a unique international network of over 500 contributors - economists, analysts, industrialists, academics and diplomats. They track down the intelligence needed by customers to run their businesses. Each fact, each statistic is checked rigorously and interpreted by our editors to ensure its validity, accuracy and relevance.

How can I contact the Economist Intelligence Unit?

Subscription information. Please contact your nearest Economist Intelligence Unit sales office for information about EIU products and services, including trials of EIU CountryData.

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Clare Bailey

Tel: (44.20) 7830 1007

Fax: (44.20) 7830 1023


The Americas

Jason Ochoa

Tel: (1.212) 678 9745

Toll free: (1.800) 938 4685

Fax: (1.212) 586 0248


Asia and Australasia

Amy Ha

Tel: (852) 2802 7288 or (852) 2585 3888

Fax: (852) 2808 7638 or (852) 2802 7720)


Alternatively, you can visit our website at